Our Charities

Little Stars is a charity providing families who need support with essential items to help keep babies and children clean, clothed, and safe. Launched in 2020, the charity provides quality pre-loved bundles, donated by the local community, and supplemented by new equipment. Since Little Stars was formed, the charity has directly supported 408 babies and children throughout Shropshire by providing the essentials they need. Through its Santa’s Little Stars Campaign, it has also supplied Christmas presents for 500 children in the county. Little Stars is funded entirely through donations and fundraising. They are raising funds to meet the growing demand for their services.

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Lingen Davies Cancer Fund was founded in 1979 to raise funds to build and equip a new Radiotherapy Department at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. For the first time, people with cancer in Shropshire and Mid Wales could receive their treatment and care locally. The charity has contributed £18 million to improve cancer services in the local area and we estimate that around 75,000 people have had their cancer treatment and care improved through the impact of the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. Today we are still raising funds to be able to make a positive difference to lives affected by cancer.

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