Guest Speaker


Born in Pakistan, but raised and schooled in Shropshire, Mo Chaudry has become one of the richest and most successful Asian businessmen in the UK.

He remembers having his ‘lightbulb moment’ when sweeping floors as a teenager at the GKN Sankey factory in Telford, and thinking: “I don’t want to be doing hard manual work for the next 30 or 40 years. I need to make a life for myself.” And that’s exactly what he did. He had earned his first million by the age of 30 as a financial adviser and property investor, and is now worth more than £100 million.

Among Mo’s portfolio of businesses is Waterworld (the Uk’s most successful indoor water park), state of the art M Club Spa and Fitness clubs in North Staffs as well as an expanding chain of Adventure Mini Golf(AMG) attractions. A recent addition to the portfolio is the acquisition of Pulse Global Group, a Global fitness solution provider with a presence in 31 Countries and which also includes operating over 25 fitness clubs and soccer centres around the UK. The Group currently employ over 550 people in the UK.

Mo gave away tens of thousands of pounds to worthy community causes in need of a lucky break when he appeared on the Channel Four TV show Secret Millionaire and is also the man who took the risk of backing Eddie Hall, becoming his manager and sponsor. Mo guided Eddie to become The World’s Strongest Man and now continues to Manage him in his media career. Mo also remains a long-time supporter of Wellington Boxing Academy.